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Croker offers an array of products, to keep buildings in compliance with code requirements.

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Croker logbooks are designed to comply with city, state and federal codes. Multiple logbooks may be necessary and/or required to meet all compliance initiatives. Croker has developed an assortment of logbooks to meet different building types and requirements. A number of Croker publications/logbooks have also been filed accordingly and granted copyright protection from the U.S. government.

fire-protectionFire Protection and Other Related Systems
Spiral Bound
CoversSmoke Detector Maintenance
alarm-fire-safety-plan-blackAlarm / Fire Safety Plan / Emergency Action Plan
For use by Office Buildings with
two-way voice communication
alarm-fire-safety plan-orangeAlarm / Fire Safety Plan
For use by Hotels / Motels with
two-way voice communication
alarm-fire-safety-plan-greenAlarm / Fire Safety Plan
For use by buildings with
Interior Fire Alarm / Temporal 3 Systems
Theater Inspection Logbook
Alarm / Fire Safety Plan
For use by Shelters with

Interior Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Guard Inspection
For use by Shelters with
Interior Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Drill Record Emergency Action Plan


Croker impairment tags and discs are utilized by buildings to meet code requirements for planned and unplanned removal of fire protection piping systems from service.

Impairment Tags
Impairment Tags
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
Blue Disc
Blue Disc
System Partially Out of Service
White Disc
White Disc
System Out of Service


Identification of Fire and Life Safety Staff is required in New York City in accordance with the NYC Fire Code and Rules of the Fire Department of the City of New York (RCNY).  Croker has reflective, high visibility identification armbands readily available for shipping.

— Color:  Fluorescent Yellow
— Size:     18″L x 2″W
— Note:   Velcro Back

  • Fire and Life Safety Director
  • Deputy Fire and Life Safety Director
  • Building Evacuation Supervisor
  • Warden
  • Deputy Warden
  • Searcher
  • Brigade Member
  • Critical Operations Staff


Emergencies involving an active shooter are fluid and unpredictable.  This First Responder Kit for active shooter situation has been developed based on the recommendations of the FDNY and other reliable law enforcement sources.

The First Responder Kit includes the following:

  • Briefcase style durable black nylon bag
  • Personalized with your building’s address
  • Custom combination Master Lock
  • Brass Grommet closure
  • Four (4) sturdy ring binders to include a copy of architectural floor plan drawings (of all floors), Building Information Card (11 x 17) and plastic inserts for easy key/access card storage



Utilized for Organizational Staffing Charts, Croker offers a top quality metal frame border in a matte silver or black finish, with a slim profile design, a backer that your document rests against inside the frame and features a clear overlay to cover and protect the insert. These slide-in style frames are highly recommended as they have a continuous border, yet changing out documents is easy.

Black Frames Silver Frames
Black Frames / Silver Frames


Residential Close Door Notice
(Per NYC Local Law 115 of 2018)

Posted and maintained on the public hallway corridor side of each stairwell door in the building, this close door notice is intended to provide a clear, visible reminder to building residents of the importance of closing each door as one exits one’s apartment and building during a fire. Closing these doors serves to contain the fire and smoke within the apartment, assist in firefighting operations and prevent smoke from entering the stairwells through which building residents may need to evacuate.


Utilized throughout the health care field, these orange tags are hung outside of doors to indicate that a room has been evacuated.


For pricing or to inquire about additional products not shown, please call the Croker office at 631-277-7602.


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