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The ability to see beyond the immediate, during times of crisis and to react accordingly distinguishes the effective Fire and Life Safety Director from the truly outstanding one.



This course is exclusively offered in a private setting of your choosing.  Please contact Croker at [email protected] or 631-277-7602 (Option #4 on the phone menu to be transferred directly to Croker Fire & Life Safety Institute).


Introduction / Course Description:

In any occupancy where a required fire protection system is out of service, a fire watch shall be maintained by individuals holding a Certificate of Fitness.  For the initial four (4) hours of a planned or an unplanned out of service condition when the affected area does not exceed 50,000 square feet, the Impairment Coordinator or a trained and knowledgeable person who is capable of performing fire watch duties and is designated by the building owner may perform the fire watch duties.  After four (4) hours of an out of service condition, such patrols shall only be conducted by fire guards holding a Certificate of Fitness.

This two (2) hour prep course is designed to familiarize candidates with the NYC Fire Department study material in preparation for the Fire Guard Certificate of Fitness examination at FDNY Headquarters.  This course provides candidates with a greater sense of knowledge and comprehension in order to successfully pass the FDNY test.  This course is not required by code/law.  To become a certified Fire Guard, candidates must successfully complete a Computer Based Test (CBT) at FDNY headquarters.

Features of this course includes (but is not limited to):

  • Fire Guard Patrol
  • Inspection Record
  • Fire Department Notification and Emergency Procedures
  • Sprinkler System
  • Standpipe System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers


Minimum Requirements for Fire Guards:

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Applicant must have a reasonable understanding of the English language.
  • Applicant must provide two (2) forms of identification; at least one (1) form of identification must be government issued photo identification, such as a State-issued Drivers’ License or Non Driver’s License or passport.
  • Applicant must present a letter of recommendation from his/her employer.  The letter must be on official letterhead, and must state the applicants full name, experience and the address where the applicant will work. If the applicant is self-employed or the owner of the company, they must submit a notarized letter attesting to their qualifications.

Note: Applicants not currently employed may take the FDNY Computer Based Test  (CBT) without the recommendation letter.  If the applicant passes the test, FDNY will issue a temporary letter with a photo for job seeking purposes.  The Certificate of Fitness card will not be issued unless the applicant is employed and provides the recommendation letter from his/her employer.


FDNY / Third-Party Fees:

  • On the day of the exam at the FDNY, each applicant is required to pay a $25.00 fee to the New York City Fire Department.




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